8 Vegan Wine and Charcuterie Pairings for Valentine’s Day

8 Vegan Wine and Charcuterie Pairings for Valentine's Day

Looking to enjoy a glass of vegan wine this Valentine’s Day? Whether you’re enjoying a virtual date for two or a relaxing night by yourself, these vegan wine and charcuterie pairings are sure to make it an evening to remember.

On this episode of EATKINDLY With Me, Chelsie Petras shows us eight vegan wine and charcuterie pairings featuring Querciabella wine. The 100 percent vegan winery, based out of Tuscany, was founded in 1974. 

The company uses a practice called biodiversity, a common agriculture technique in the wine industry. However, unlike other brands, Querciabella doesn’t use cow manure to ensure plant health. Instead, they use green manure: They plant a variety of seeds throughout the vineyard to help it stay healthy and fresh.

These vegan wine and charcuterie pairings feature wine by Querciabella.
These vegan wine and charcuterie pairings feature wine by Querciabella.

Vegan Wine and Charcuterie Pairings

In this video, Chelsie pairs three of Querciabella’s vegan wines—a Batàr, a Chianti Classico, and a Mongrana—with a variety of vegan cheeses and meats. 

The first pairing, Batàr, is 50 percent chardonnay and 50 percent pinot blanc. “The color on this is outstanding,” she says. “It gives you delicious notes of a little bit of vanilla and honey, apples and pears, and a little bit of lemon. It smells absolutely fantastic.”

She notes that she likes to pair full-bodied white wines like the Batàr with light-tasting cheeses and meats. “So here we have a take on a French goat cheese. We also have some turkey slices here. I’ve also added olives to our charcuterie. Olives are going to go with every single wine that we have,” she adds. The vegan pairings she uses are Cheezehound’s Italian Herb Cashevre and Unreal Deli Turk’y.

Next, Chelsie pairs the vegan wine Chianti Classico with Reine Sharp Cheddar, Violife Parmesan cheese, and Mia Cold Cuts Prosciutto. “It has a little touch of smokiness which is going to be really nice here,” she explains.

And last but not least, she pairs the Mongrana with Virgin Cheese’s Smoked Gouda and Renegade Salami’s Sweet Toscana. “Here I have a smoked gouda, which I think is going to be so good,” she says.”There’s that nice savory umami vibe to [the sausage] as well.”

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