Prospect of a Vegan World Leaves Public Feeling Hopeful for Future

In a survey conducted by Vodafone to gain an understanding of the ways in which adults see the world changing in the next 20 years, current adults appeared to have an optimistic view on the future of the planet.

The survey included 13,000 people from fourteen different countries across the globe.

As part of the survey, futurologists were tasked with identifying potential future concepts and Vodafone asked the adults to rank which ideas they felt were most likely to come about. Making the list at number ten was a ‘protein shift’ described in the survey as ‘we will enjoy a range of healthy and delicious sources of meat-free protein and realistic meat alternatives that don’t come from animals.’

Interestingly this was linked to ‘help[ing] bring both global carbon emissions and heart disease down to an all-time low.’

This isn’t the first time people have expressed their predictions for a meat-free world in recent months. Richard Branson believes we will stop eating meat in the next 30 years, and CEO of Impossible Foods, Pat Brown, has set himself the challenge of eliminating all animals from food by 2035.

In addition to this, the survey asked adults to talk about how hopeful they felt for the future, assuming their predictions come true. Surprisingly, considering how down-in-the-dumps the media often present millennials, 62% of young people (aged 18 – 24) said they are feeling positive about the future.

Given the scientific research on both the environment and health, it would appear that millennials have a lot to be feeling good about should we move away from animal protein. Going meat-free could help countries reach their climate change targets, and could seriously decrease the risk of a number of major diseases.

It seems a meat-free world is getting closer every day.