Vegan Yogurt Will Be as Popular as Greek Yogurt, Experts Predict

Vegan yogurt may be as popular as Greek yogurt, according to a new report by market research firm Packaged Facts.

Greek yogurt has long been seen as a healthier, more nutritious alternative to plain dairy yogurt. However, according to Packaged Facts, in the U.S., the product could soon have competition, as consumers increasingly seek out something different, that’s even healthier yet still indulgent. As the market grows, these consumer desires could see dairy-free yogurt brands as a disruptor to the traditional yogurt industry, according to experts.

“To an even greater degree than Greek yogurt in its pure, plain incarnation, dairy-free yogurt chips away at the premise that yogurt is, at heart, a good-for-you product category, any dessert flavors and candy toppings notwithstanding,” states the report.

Younger consumers, in particular, are driving the vegan yogurt market, says Packaged Facts. With more and more ditching animal products and seeking out plant-based alternatives. A recent study by leading foodservice provider Aramark supports this notion, revealing that 60 percent of American Gen-Zers are eager to focus on eating more “plant-forward foods.”

“With the plant-based trend,” notes Packaged Facts, “many younger and trendier American eaters are switching lanes from ‘leaning more vegetarian’ to ‘leaning more veganish,’ and thereby cutting back on or foregoing dairy.”

Consumers are beginning to turn away from dairy-based products for a number of reasons, including the health risks associated with its consumption. In the past few months, a heightened risk of heart disease, certain types of cancer, and kidney problems have all been linked with dairy consumption. Kristi Funk, a highly regarded breast surgeon to the stars and former Greek yogurt fan, recently revealed that the evidence of the health risks associated with dairy became so overwhelming that she ditched animal products completely.

Top yogurt brands are beginning to take note of these changing consumer attitudes. In June, Danone, one of the largest food companies in the world, revealed it is considering launching vegan Activia yogurt after a slump in dairy sales. “Although dairy-free is not the only innovation trend going, yogurt leaders have seen the dairy-free messaging on the wall,” said David Sprinkle, research director for Packaged Facts, in a statement.

Image Credit: Califia Farms

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