YouTube Star Monami Frost to Launch Vegan ‘Frost Burgers’ Restaurant in Liverpool

monami frost burgers

UK-based vegan Instagram and YouTube star Monami Frost took to her feed yesterday to announce the launch of Frost Burgers, a vegan burger shop she’s opening in Liverpool.

“I can’t believe I can finally share this with you!” Frost wrote in the post. She’s pictured outside the storefront window in front of a sign with the burger shop’s street-art inspired logo.

In the accompanying YouTube video, Frost beams with pride about the launch, “Today I am so freakishly excited to finally be able to announce … the biggest, most craziest news…” she said. “For the past year, we have been working crazy hard on opening a burger place.” 

Frost said she got the keys that day after a year of not knowing whether they’d be able to open because of issues with builders and regulations. “This is actually happening,” she said. “I can’t believe I had to keep it a secret from you this long.” She says she’s not doing it with any “big companies” swooping in to fund the project. She says her small team is planning to do it all themselves to keep the integrity of the operation, which she says is a reflection of her dedicated fans who’ve helped guide her to this point.

Frost Burgers couldn’t be opening at a better time; the UK is about to see US-based Beyond Burgers make its European debut in Great Britain. The market is also filled with a growing number of vegan burgers and meat options. Naturli’ recently debuted its “bleeding” mushroom-based burger at Sainsbury’s; and Tesco, the UK’s largest supermarket chain, sold more than 40,000 vegan steaks by Dutch company Vivera within the first week of the product’s launch. Demand for vegan food in the UK has never been higher.

While there isn’t a firm launch date for Frost Burgers set yet, Frost reiterated that they’re working fast, having already spent a year behind the scenes to get the shop location paperwork signed. “Now we are going to hurry the hell up to make sure we can open soon,” she said.