Veganarchy Bakery Sets Up Shop in Iconic Australian French Patisserie

Vegan Cupcakes

An independent vegan baker just took over the storefront of an iconic non-vegan French patisserie in Canberra, Australia. Starting this week, Veganarchy sweet treats will be featured in the former Croissant D’Or shop, reviving this beloved institution with cruelty-free baked goods.

Croissant D’Or has been a Canberra staple for fresh French pastries since it opened in 1978. However, in 2014, the three locations faced financial difficulties and were forced to close. Yet, just two months later, the owners reopened the patisserie in the Sydney Building in Civic, which is where Veganarchy has now set up shop.

Gabrielle Carr, the owner and sole baker behind Veganarchy, has wanted to open a vegan bakery and deli of her own for years. When the opportunity to take over the storefront of Croissant D’Or came up, she leaped at the opportunity. However, as a longtime Canberra resident, she understands the importance of this local bakery icon and decided to merge the brands and further develop her French pastry products to pay respect to this business.

Veganarchy Baking

With over ten years of baking experience and catering to various local cafes and markets, Carr has developed quite a repertoire of vegan baked goods. The current Veganarchy selection at the new shop will include her popular cupcakes, muffins, cookies, donuts, cheesecakes, pies, and brownies, along with an equally extensive selection of savory vegan pastries. She is also working on refining her French recipes. Once perfected, she promises to add croissants, danishes, petit fours, and macaroons to the pastry case. A deli section is also in the works, which will provide customers with vegan burgers, salads, prepared foods, and vegan meat and cheeses. It’s safe to say Carr had to hire a few more employees for this expansion.

Veganarchy products will still be available in select cafes around the city. Carr is devoted to spreading the vegan lifestyle through her baked goods, and she believes it is important to help non-vegan establishments expand their vegan options. Restauranteurs and shop owners are realizing that there is a substantial demand for these animal-free foods, and these partnerships with small vegan businesses are key to supporting both independent business owners and the plant-based movement. In Australia and around the globe, vegan menus and options are becoming more common, and Veganarchy is helping to pave the way toward a more plant-based future.

Image Credit: Veganarchy