Is Veganism Becoming More Widely Accepted in Britain?

A recent survey has indicated that veganism is being increasingly embraced by Britain. While mainstream stereotypes often suggest that veganism is fringe, it appears that this is no longer the case, in Britain at least.

The research, which was set to mark the beginning of World Vegan Month, suggested over half of British adults are adopting vegan shopping habits. Additionally, the research suggests that Britain is becoming more vegan-friendly than ever before.

Is Veganism in Britain Becoming More Widely Accepted?

According to the survey:

  • One in five, 19% to be specific, reduced their purchases of meat.
  • The same number of people are also starting to check if their toiletries are tested on animals.
  • Almost one in eight people, or 13%, are now choosing to eat meat or dairy free options when they’re eating out.
  • 51% of people surveyed said that they welcome a rise in vegan food availability in shops, cafes, and restaurants.
  • 9% said they’d like to see more vegan food options offered.
  • One third argued there should be stronger education in schools about the impacts of factory farming on the planet.
  • 26% said prisons, schools, and hospitals should be required, by law, to provide vegan options.
  • 9% think that animal-based¬†products should be taxed.
  • Half said that they know someone who is vegan, while one-fifth of them said they’d consider transitioning to veganism themselves.
  • 43% said they respected vegans for their choices and 24% said they admired them for it.

However, while the information is uplifting in some ways, not everyone is convinced. Around 46% said they would not consider going vegan, regardless of its impacts on animal welfare, or whether it would improve their own health.

As public perception improves, could this figure reduce over the coming years?

What’s clear is that Britain is becoming much more accepting of veganism.