Vegans Are Blamed for Hindering the Sales of Pepperoni

A recent 81-page report on the Global Pepperoni Food Market has named the “Growing adoption of veganism” as a major factor hindering market growth for the processed meat.

Press Release site MilTech discuss this finding, explaining that the “steep growth in the population of vegan consumers” worldwide is impacting the meat industry, due to an “increasing ethical stand and campaigns against animal slaughtering”.

Additionally, “rising health-awareness” plays a role. The growing wave of plant-based eaters also prefer “consuming ethically prepared foods”.

Demand for meat appears to be dwindling, while the interest in vegan meat substitutes is ever-growing, even seeming to ‘steal’ profits from the meat industry.

These changes are promising, as in recent years the World Health Organisation classified processed meats such as pepperoni, ham, bacon, and salami as a Group 1 carcinogen. This means there is “strong evidence” that these foods cause cancer. Additionally, red meats were classified as a Group 2A carcinogen. Thankfully, growing research has discovered that a vegan diet can prevent and reverse these diseases, among others.

Similarly, processed meats were found to be linked to an epidemic of heart disease in young people. This year the American Medical Association even called for a ban on processed meats from hospital menus.

Schools are following suit, reducing meat intake and increasing vegan options for health and environmental reasons. Even meat-driven publications can’t help but notice the “bright future” for vegan protein.

It’s easier than ever to make the change. Supermarkets and chains are constantly increasing meat-free options, and it’s never been simpler to veganize your favorite comfort foods (including pepperoni!).

Unfortunately for the meat industry (but fortunately for many other causes), veganism is “growing rapidly across the globe”.