Brits Pushed Up Sales of Vegan Cosmetics 750%

Brits Pushed Up Sales of Vegan Cosmetics 750%

Pharmacy chain Superdrug is seeing the benefits of the just-passed Veganuary campaign, where thousands of Brits ditched animal products for one month. A record 250,000 people across the globe signed up for the campaign. Sales of some of the vegan cosmetics in the store’s own-brand “B.” increased 750 percent, according to data from Cosmetics Business.

The health and beauty retailer, which is the second-largest in the UK behind Boots, saw surges in sales of other vegan and cruelty-free products, too. Superdrug’s Optimum Phyto Sleep Facial Oil increased by 669 percent, whilst its Naturally Radiant Brightening Hot Cloth Cleanser upped by 137 percent.

“So far this year, we’ve seen more and more of our customers are choosing products which are vegan as they continue with new year habits and January detoxing,” Gemma Mason, Superdrug’s Head of Customer Experience, said to Cosmetics Business. “Even if they don’t live a totally vegan lifestyle they want to ensure the products they put on their skin don’t include animal derivative.”

“We’ve long been a place where vegans know that they can come and shop, and now as more and more people take conscious decisions about their lifestyle, we’re seeing a huge uplift in the vegan trend being used in our customer’s daily routines,” Mason added.

Vegan Beauty Is More Fashionable Than Ever

“Superdrug has embraced veganism,” the retailer writes on its website. All of the products in its B. range are cruelty-free and contain all vegan ingredients. Described as “beauty without compromise,” it offers products like vegan lipstick, foundation, face masks, makeup brushes, and serum for all genders.

Last year, Superdrug opened a completely vegan outlet in London. The store only stocks cruelty-free products, including makeup, skincare, perfume, among other beauty items. The opening was inspired by upped demand for vegan cosmetics, the brand said, adding that it is “proud” of its reputation as “the beauty store for vegans.”

The public’s interest in cruelty-free living is rising, and along with it, the desire to purchase and use animal-free beauty products increases. Since 2013, the number of vegan cosmetic launches has boosted by 175 percent.

Vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics brand Milk Makeup currently has a 17,000 person waiting list in the UK, reflecting the high demand for such products. The lengthy waiting list is a record high for Cult Beauty, the online store selling Milk Makeup’s items.