New Vegan Video Recipe Series Launched by Sarnos Bros and Veganuary

Derek and Chad, aka The Sarno Bros. of Wicked Healthy Food, have teamed up with Veganuary to bring you ‘wicked awesome recipes’ for each day of January.

The brothers who describe themselves as ‘proud graduates of the university of common sense and kitchen smahts’ are on a mission to make your Veganuary journey as simple as possible by doing all the hard work for you.

The ‘plant-powered’ recipes will show you how to make classic dishes such as Ramen, Pizza and Pasta vegan, delicious and healthy.

Veganuary is all about making the transition to veganism easy and enjoyable, because let’s face it we all know that vegans have more fun. Matthew Glover, one of the brains behind the Veganuary project said, ‘Being vegan doesn’t have to be tough or scary and we want as many people as possible to give it a try.’

The Sarno Brothers and Veganuary are a match made in heaven, with Derek and Chad stating on their website that they want ‘you to use your head and be wicked healthy because it is wicked sexy, inside and out.’

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Image credit: Wicked Healthy