‘Vegconomist’ Founder Peter Link Is Out to Prove the Vegan Industry Is ‘Big Business’

'Vegconomist' Founder Peter Link Is Out to Prove the Vegan Industry Is 'Big Business'

A vegan business magazine was simply overdue.

“The vegan economy has developed into a multi-billion industry with unbelievable game-changing potential. There is, however, no publication which dedicates itself to this business explicitly, providing vegan business with a platform.”

This thought moved Peter Link some years ago and he firmly decided to change this. In 2016 the vegan marketing and communication specialist from Germany started with preparations for a vegan business magazine. In May 2018, he launched the German version of “Vegconomist” with three co-founders, then the global version in English was launched at the beginning of July.

'Vegconomist' Founder Peter Link Is Out to Prove the Vegan Industry Is 'Big Business'

After only a few months it is clear: Vegconomist has filled a gap in the market, as the rapid growth of the online magazine shows. CEOs, managers, purchasers and board members from the food, fashion, beauty, retail, and interior design industry read Vegconomist. Politicians and lobbyists, animal and environmental activists are also part of the Vegconomist audience. While the focus initially concentrated on Europe, hundreds of readers from Asia and North America are added daily, and readers from all over the world are now regularly subscribing.

Vegconomist wants to show that the vegan economy is already a big business. It wants to encourage business managers and potential founders to enter this market in order to benefit from the rapid growth. The Vegconomist team is convinced that the vegan and plant-based market offers more than interesting profits; it helps to protect the environment, reduces animal suffering, reduces funding of factory farming, and improves health. The switch to a more vegan society helps the economy save many trillions in the long run and is an enormous lever to help mitigate the threat of climate change.

In 2019, the Vegconomist team wants to greatly expand the range and benefits for its readership and to focus more intensively on the individual markets. Appropriate content is always welcome. The Vegconomist team is happy to create interesting, tailor-made offers for advertisers. And mission-driven investors, who are not only looking for maximum fast profit but who want to give the plant-based economy a powerful voice with their investment, are always welcome.

For Peter Link it is in any case clear. The vegan lifestyle will change the world in a few years as dramatically as almost no trend has before, and will disrupt many enterprises in some industries completely. And thus pave the way for a more sustainable economy that really deserves this name.

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