Veggie Pret Bakery Counters Are Now All Vegan

Veggie Pret's Bakery Counters Are Now All Vegan

Pret A Manger is launching vegan bakery cases at its Veggie Pret locations. Starting Tuesday, the popular UK-based grab-and-go chain will roll out “Veggie Pret’s Vegan Bakery” counters at all ten of its vegetarian locations.

The launch will feature ten new vegan baked goods, including brownies, muffins, and three flavors of croissant: plain, chocolate, and almond. Instead of butter, the pastries use margarine and sunflower oil.

Clare Clough, UK MD of Pret said in a statement that expanding Veggie Pret’s plant-based offerings has been a huge focus for the development team over the last year. The vegan bakery case is “very much the result of that.”

Pret’s previous vegan baked goods have been popular with customers. The three new croissants follow up on the success of the Very Berry Croissant, which launched at Pret A Manger at the start of the year.

“In the first few weeks of the Very Berry Croissant being on sale, it sold more than double the amount per day of the non-vegan jam croissant it replaced,” Clough added.

veggie pret vegan bakery counter
Veggie Pret is launching 10 new vegan baked goods. | Veggie Pret

Veggie Pret Expansion

Launched as a pop-up in 2016, Veggie Pret has since opened permanent locations throughout London and Manchester due to high demand. Earlier this year, it announced plans to have 14 stores by the end of summer.

Already meat-free, Veggie Pret has previously moved to cut eggs and dairy from its menu. It launched 15 new vegan options at the start of the year, including versions of its most popular sandwiches, including the tuna baguette and BLT.

Several weeks ago Pret launched an evening dinner delivery trial menu as safer at home measures continue across the UK.

It’s also working with consultants on a business model overhaul in light of the pandemic. Traditionally a lunch spot, Pret’s seen a consistent decline since the coronavirus.

The chain’s new vegan bakery counters could help bring some life back to Pret.

“Our previous vegan bakery products, like the Dark Chocolate & Almond Butter Cookie and The Very Berry Croissant have always been big hits with customers—vegan and non-vegan alike,” said Clough. “[W]e can’t wait to hear what our customers think of these new treats.”