Vegging Out South West Style – A Vegan’s Guide to Bristol, UK

graffiti bristol

Bristol. Home of iconic artists, hot air balloons and many a dodgy nightclub, this freethinking (yet somehow quintessentially) British city is known for many things and certainly isn’t one to be outdone on its food selection.
Here’s a run-down of 5 uniquely-Bristol restaurants perfect for days when you just wanna veg-out.

Vegging Out South West Style | Bristol

This modest not-for-profit co-op is located on Stokes Croft and run by a community of people who are passionate about supporting local businesses. With a relaxed, sunbathed dining area for their customers and a menu of simple-yet-delicious brunches and lunches, Cafe Kino is an ideal place to have breakfast and read the news, grab a bite with friends or simply perch by the window and people-watch with a coffee.

vegan breakfast

Where? Stokes Croft


Ok ok, not ‘technically’ unique to Bristol as they do have another location in London, but… it wouldn’t feel right to not mention VX. Designed for us vegans who aren’t too fussed about health or poking additional holes in our pleather belts, you can get anything from currywurst to cheese-laden nachos, chick’n nuggets, cheese melts, quesedillas and chocolate eclairs. 100% vegan and cruelty free.

vegan hot dog

Where? Bedminster (and Kings Cross, London..)

Just tell us this doesn’t sound amazing: “battered sausage and chips, ‘tofish’ and chips, kebab wraps, homemade sauces like, chili, sweet and sour, gravy, curry sauce, garlic mayo, all made without cheap salt, oil or msg”. Matter is a relatively new (and very welcomed) addition to the Bristol Vegan food-scene and have managed to master a plant based option for the country’s best-loved takeout of fish & chips.
Doesn’t this just scream “eat me!!”? (Unlike actual fish…ahem)

vegan fish and chips

Where? Fishponds. Where else?

A little hidden gem in the heart of Bristol city centre, Flow is a vegetarian restaurant which accommodates to vegans with an array of seasonally sourced, cultural cuisines. The menu is clearly labelled for vegan options, nut allergens and gluten free. Perfect spot for an ambient dinner with friends, family or colleagues — there’s something for everyone.

vegan salad

Where? City Centre

Because vegans like Carribean food too, y’know. Bristol is a great place to be for good Carribean cuisine (second to the Carribean itself) and Fi Real’s specialty is exactly this, with the added twist of doing it (mostly) vegan. True to their roots, their menu is a selection of authentic recipes with all-natural ingredients. You can get anything from fried plantain, rice and peas, Jamaican fruit-cake and colourful fresh juices. They also offer a vegetarian curries which can be veganized on request in addition to their already vegan Escovitch Tofu main.

vegan curry

Where? Old Market