Waitrose Introduces New Vegan Options as Part of ‘Good Health’ Range

Kicking off the year with a healthy start, luxury supermarket Waitrose has announced some new products making their way onto shelves, and they are completely vegan.

In the on-the-go options, Waitrose has included two new vegan sandwiches: Vegan Mean Greens, and Sweet Potato and Chipotle. The supermarket is also beginning to offer Mushroom and Miso Stir Fry Bites which as well as sounding delicious are also labeled vegan!

In addition to this, as part of the Good Health range, Waitrose will sell meat products that have hidden veggies and legumes. Pork sausages that have a hearty portion of butternut squash and kale inside will be available, as well as beef mince that is mixed with beans and lentils.

Commenting on the new range Nathalie Winn, Waitrose Senior Nutritionist, said:

We’ve recently found that a third of shoppers find it difficult to know which foods to choose for a healthy diet. Our new label will help busy customers find the healthier options on our shelves.  Introducing more creative options to your diet such as meat sausages packed with veggies will keep mealtimes interesting and help keep healthy resolutions on track.

Although these products are obviously not vegan, the introduction of options like this shows the public’s growing awareness of the effects of plant based food on public health. It’s becoming increasingly apparent through new studies, and old studies that are just now coming to light, that a vegan diet has a positive effect on the human body, and could even stop major diseases from occurring and reducing the number of premature deaths. As a result, it appears consumers are demanding more veggies at meal times, hopefully this will lead to even more vegan options in supermarkets.