Waka Flocka Claims Vegan Diet Helped Him Shift the Extra Pounds

Vegan since 2014, Waka Flocka Flame has attributed ditching the animal products to a reduction in his waistline. Fame made the star’s weight difficult to maintain and he found himself putting on weight rapidly. ‘I was fat.’ says the star, ‘I had stretch marks… I just got tired of it.’ So he made the decision to cut out animal products from his diet and it seems it was the best decision he ever made.

Thanks to the positive effect that his new diet had on his health, he decided to stick to it for good. It wasn’t just the weight loss that had him raving about a plant-based diet: ‘I got on stage I felt better,’ says Waka FlockaMy attitude was better. Like, everything about me was better.’

When Ne-Yo went vegan just a few weeks ago, he even tweeted Waka Flocka for some tips on where to get good vegan eats in Atlanta. Ne-Yo has also chosen a plant-based diet for health reasons after watching the popular documentary What the Health.

Waka Flocka has even been kind enough to share some of his favourite vegan recipes in the past, recording a video for Munchies of him and Raury making blueberry muffins. He even suggest why he thinks his diet his better than his friends, commenting[w]hen I eat, I got energy. When they eat, they be sleeping.’

Waka has not revealed how much weight he’s lost on a vegan diet, but it’s pretty clear that he’s feeling healthier, more energetic and much better in himself. Many people have reported similar results when cutting meat, eggs and dairy from their diet, often people feel a great deal less lethargic and like they are able to digest the food that they use effectively.

Let’s hope Waka brings out more videos of him baking vegan goodies soon!

Image credit: Goldstar | Fanworld