Walmart Launches Vegan Leather Bags, Backpacks, and Phone Cases

Walmart Launches Vegan Leather Bags, Backpacks, and Phone Cases By Motile

Walmart has launched a range of vegan leather bags, backpacks, and tech accessories from private label, Motile. The line is available only on the Walmart website.

Until very recently, tech accessories and style didn’t mix. Laptop cases were typically functional, but nothing more. But Motile’s accessories, described as “smart accessories for an untethered world,” look like they would be right at home in fashion influencer’s feed.

The range features vegan leather backpacks, bags, tablet cases, and phone cases in colors from a classic, luxe black-with-gold-zippers to cabernet red. The company keeps professionals in mind – vegan leather bags from the Commuter collection all come with wireless charging capabilities. It also includes neoprene sport backpacks and duffel bags for those who go right from work to the gym.

Also, the company makes mint green power cables bound in tan faux leather – just in case you feel the urge to color coordinate your cords to your laptop (no judgment). Motile offers a few other tech accessories, like duel-color and heather grey charging pads, a Bluetooth mouse and foldable keyboard, and a travel organizer.

Motile’s debut in Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, earlier this month signals change. The retail giant is known for its affordability, but not-so-much for being stylish. With its chic designs, classic and contemporary color palettes, and functionality, Motile’s range appeals not only to those looking for cruelty-free accessories but also, as Retail Dive highlights“digitally savvy, on-the-go millennials and Gen Zers.” 

Walmart isn’t the only affordable chain to launch a vegan leather range. Earlier this month, Martha Stewart announced her vegan leather shoe collection, Martha Everyday, with Payless. The 12-shoe collection offers stilettos, flats, and kitten heels made from faux leather in classic colors.