Walmart Is Selling Vegan Butter for Ants Now

Walmart Is Selling Vegan Butter for Ants Now

Walmart has vegan butter for ants — just an FYI for anyone who wants to pass the news along to their local colony. We hear the queens like brownies.

Alright, so it’s not an actual vegan butter mini (which would be a godsend at hotel continental breakfasts where bagels are the only option), but part of a series of mini food toys made by Zuru. The toy was shared by a member of a Facebook group for affordable vegan food, jokingly captioned, “Hey, it’s vegan!”

The brand’s 5 Surprise comes with five branded toys modeled after food, condiments, and candy, including Airheads (which are vegan), Twinkies, Kikkoman Soy Sauce, Dove soap, and apparently, dairy-free butter.¬†While not real, it’s about the right size for a dollhouse or an any colony (PSA: please do not give plastic toys to ants).

Walmart Is Selling Vegan Butter for Ants Now
Walmart is selling tiny vegan butter toys | image/Kasey Nicole Smith

Walmart’s Vegan Options

It turns out that Walmart is a decent place to be as far as vegan groceries go. More Americans are making efforts to eat more plant-based food for their health, according to data from two surveys conducted by dairy-free brands Kite Hill and So Delicious.

You can find staples like real dairy-free butter (Earth Balance or vegan I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, if you can #walmartvegan on Instagram), egg-free mayo, beans, grains, and multiple varieties of plant-based milk, including macadamia.

The world’ largest retailer also stocks specialty foods like dairy-free yogurt and ice cream, tofu, Tofurky meat, seitan, tempeh, Lightlife sausages, meat-free burgers, Beyond Meat, and snacks like Hippeas, vegan “Cheez-Its,” tuna, and jerky. A select number of stores carry No Evil Foods, an emerging North Carolina-based plant-based meat brand.

Walmart is increasingly stocking more convenience foods. Shoppers have found Sweet Earth vegan pizza, dairy-free Field Roast mac and cheese, Healthy Choice power bowls, Alpha Foods meatless pot pies, Dr. McDougal’s vegan ramen, and tamales, curry, soups, enchiladas, and burritos from Amy’s.

Availability may vary by store, but if you’re ever curious about what vegan options your local Walmart stocks, just use the search filter and input your location.