Walmart Has Vegan Oreo Bouquets Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Walmart Has Vegan Oreo Bouquets Just in Time for Valentine's Day

The Beatles were wrong when they said you “Can’t Buy Me Love” because a bouquet of Oreos is available at Walmart for $72 – and it might be the most perfect vegan Valentine’s Day gift ever.

The All Oreo Lovers Cookie Bouquet comes with 19 packs of the original vegan flavor arranged in a vase made from cookies, and is topped with a bow – the Walmart website says it’s red, but the photo shows white. To be honest, the actual color of the ribbon doesn’t matter – it’s a vegan cookie bouquet.

For Valentine’s Day (or better yet, Galentine’s Day), Oreo launched cookies with a pink strawberry-flavored creme filling with sayings like “Dunk In Love,” “Dear Cupid, Send Oreos,” “XoXo Oreos,” and “Let’s Twist” It’s like someone said “Conversation Hearts candy, but then make it Oreo.”

Oreo doesn’t seem to be the only company offering a non-flower Valentine’s Day arrangement this year. Boston-based brand Grillo’s Pickles made a one-of-a-kind bouquet out of its pickle chips and spears. Heck, people have even made bouquets using Olive Garden breadsticks, which are not only free in the restaurant, but also completely vegan.

Edinburgh Gin launched a botanical gin bouquet, featuring an arrangement of real flowers. And Bustle has tips on how to arrange a vegan rosé bouquet for your Galentine – just be sure to pick a vegan-friendly brand, since some companies use ingredients like egg whites or fish bladders to filter wine.

If you’re not into it, you can always opt for homemade vegan treats (or X-rated treats – including Lush’s steamy new emoji-themed bath bombs), a dinner for two, or something a little more unique, like THC-infused, dairy-free dark chocolate body paint.

Are All Oreos Vegan?

Oreos has a track record with releasing special edition cookies and the past few months have been no different. Although some flavors are not vegan, the most recent launches have been free from animal ingredients just like the original cookie.

Right now, the brand has Carrot Cake, Dark Chocolate, and The Most Stuf – for those who thought Double Stuff was never enough.

The vegan-friendly Oreo bouquet is available in-store and online at Walmart.