Walmart Just Launched a Vegan Oreo Milkshake Kit

Walmart Just Launched a Vegan Oreo Milkshake Kit

Walmart launched a vegan Oreo milkshake kit for the holidays.

The Oreo Milkshake Gift Set comes with two cups, two straws, two packs of Oreos, and a spoon. Instructions for making the milkshake are printed on the front of the ceramic cups. Since Oreos are vegan, just use dairy-free vanilla ice cream and plant-based milk.

Walmart Just Launched a Vegan Oreo Milkshake Kit
Oreo’s Milkshake Gift Set can be made vegan. | @candyhunting

Vegan Oreo Flavors

The kit comes with only two-packs of Oreos, so if you’re getting it as a gift for your cookie-loving friend, it might be a good idea to throw in a full-sized pack. The majority of Oreo cookie flavors, from Double Stuf to Red Velvet, Birthday Cake, and beyond. Seasonal flavors may occasionally contain dairy.

Peppermint Bark, the iconic cookie brand’s winter flavor, contains confectioner’s glaze this year, so it is not suitable for vegans. Confectioner’s glaze, which is used to give candy a glossy sheen, is made from shellac, a resinous material derived from the lac insect.

Vegan at Walmart

Oreos aren’t all that’s vegan at Walmart. The world’s largest retailer has added a number of specialty foods to its aisles over the past few years. It carries vegan meat from brands such as Gardein, Boca, Upton’s Naturals, Beyond Meat, Tofurky, MorningStar Farms, Field Roast, and The Jackfruit Company. Walmart is experimenting with carrying smaller, regional brands, such as North Carolina-based company No Evil Foods, which launched in 250 Southern stores in October 2018. Walmart also carries dairy-free milk from Silk, Elmhurst 1925, Good Karma, Milkadamia, and Califia Farms.

Vegan convenience meals are taking up more shelf space now. Walmart now offers dairy-free mac and cheese from Daiya, Field Roast, and Annie’s Organics. It also carries pizzas, burritos, curry, enchiladas, soups, and more to meet the rising demand for plant-based food.

“Our customer is asking for change, asking for innovation, wanting access to top brands as well as different types of food that they’ve never even experienced in a Walmart store,” Laura Rush, vice-president and division manager of frozen brands, told Food Business News last July.

She continued, “We believe the customer deserves access to everything. Not just cheap food, but good food, great food, and we are trying to figure out the right recipe to make sure we do it the right way for you and for our customers.”

The Oreo Milkshake Gift Set retails for $15.98.