Washington DC to Get Its First Vegan Donut Shop, Donut Run

Washington DC to Get Its First Vegan Donut Shop, Donut Run

Washington D.C. will have its first-ever vegan donut shop come springtime. Local news source DCist reports that Donut Run will take over the space formerly occupied by plant-based restaurant Vegaritos in the capital’s Takoma neighborhood.

Donut Run was created by longtime bakers, vegans, and husband-and-wife duo, Shawn Petersen and Nicole Dao. The couple was inspired to start their own business after visiting The Donuttery, a small shop in Huntington Beach, California. They developed a plant-based donut base by replacing animal-based ingredients with soy milk, vegan butter, and egg substitute.

For two years, Petersen and Dao have offered a wide variety of flavors, including Boston Cream, Strawberry Sprinkle, S’mores, Cookies and Cream, Nutter Butter, Rice Krispy Treat, and Fruity Pebbles, at pop-up events throughout the city. Eventually, they hope to also offer vegan cake donuts and gluten-free options. Creative options like savory donuts, donut sandwiches, and donuts stuffed with nondairy ice cream may also appear on future menus. Additionally, Petersen and Dao are working on soy-free alternatives by experimenting with different vegan milks.

“It just seems like such a tight-knit community,” said Petersen, speaking to the decision to open up in Takoma. “We have a couple of friends who live over there. It always seemed like an awesome neighborhood.” According to Main Street Takoma, Petersen and Dao will partner with other local businesses to serve coffee.

Although DCers can find plant-based donuts at the award-winning vegan bakery, Sticky Fingers DC, Donut Run will be the first brick-and-mortar to serve just donuts. Compared to cities like New York, where vegan donuts from Cinnamon Snail and Dun-Well Doughnuts are easy to come by, Washington D.C. is lacking in options. According to Petersen, he hopes to eventually open a 24-hour establishment because donuts are his favorite dessert.

Donut Run’s 1000-square-foot shop is expected to open in spring 2019. For a list of nine must-visit donut shops in the U.S., click here.

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