Watch These 3 Vegan Halloween Makeup Tutorials By Kat Von D Beauty

Watch These 3 Vegan Halloween Makeup Tutorials By Kat Von D

Makeup is often an afterthought when planning for Halloween; however, those in the beauty industry believe cosmetics can inspire the costume. Vegan and cruelty-free beauty icon Kat Von D¬†Beauty and the artistic team have created three ghoulishly gorgeous looks that are absolutely stunning. Dress up as The Queen of Hearts, Mother Nature, or a Skeleton to strike both fear and awe in the hearts of others on All Hallows’ Eve. These looks may seem intricate, but you don’t need to be a makeup artist to pull them off. The Kat Von D Beauty creatives produced step-by-step videos to guide you through the application. As a bonus, all of these videos use cruelty-free makeup, not costume paint, so you can wear the products separately for an everyday look.

3 Vegan Halloween Makeup Tutorials

1. The Queen of Hearts

“Off with her head!” The queen of hearts has a temper, but unlike the storybook character, Kat Von D Beauty’s version is strong, sultry, and totally in control. To complete the look, curl your hair in ringlets and pump up the volume for an equally dramatic up-do. Drop by a vintage store and look for a black gown with lace, or pair a long black skirt and a dark blouse with puffy sleeves. Use velcro to attach heart playing cards to the outfit. Definitely rock some heels or high-heeled boots. Top it all off with a majestic crown…and a prop axe. It’s not overkill, it’s Halloween!

2. Mother Nature

Mother Nature can be beautiful and breath-taking, but she’s also temperamental and a true force of power. Find a forest green dress or two flowy separates, then tie dark green and brown ribbons along your arms to represent branches and leaves. Leave your hair long and flowing. Either use rollers or a texturized sea salt spray like Captain Blankenship’s Golden Waves for relaxed yet edgy waves with a bit of shimmer. To go all-in, find a black top hat then use a hot glue gun to cover it with real or artificial plants. You could also stop by a florist and wear a flower crown.

3. Skeleton

It’s a classic, but you’ll rarely find this attention to detail at your average Halloween party. For the costume, you might want to go store-bought on this one, unless you’re committed to covering your arms, chest, and neck with black paint. Another option is to purchase a black bodysuit and add “bones” with white duct tape. Can’t find a skeleton suit? Wear all black and cover up with a billowing cape. You’ll draw attention to your awesome makeup job, which is impressive enough to win best costume on its own.


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Image Credit: Kat Von D Beauty
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