Vegan Watermelon Jerky Is a Real Thing (and Everyone is Going Crazy For It)

It takes a lot to make people on the Internet stop and pay attention. But some things can do exactly that. Watermelon jerky is one of those things. Made by Sakara, this healthy snacks is catching the attention of some influential folks and with one simple ingredient — watermelon — and almost the full daily recommended amount of vitamin A and C, it’s only a matter of time before you start seeing it everywhere.

Michelle Lee, Editor in Chief of Allure and former Editor in Chief of NYLON, was just one fan of watermelon jerky. She showed off the tasty treat on her Instagram and, in her post, wrote, “Starting the new year trying to eat a bit healthier. Got this @sakaralife Watermelon Jerky this morning which tastes like a firmer, less sweet Fruit Rollup. In other words, yuuuummmmm.

Sakara Life is a holistic nutrition program that values self-care, clean, organic, fresh, plant-based food, and loving your body. Having been covered by the New York TimesForbesVogueSELF, and more, this brand is growing, and fast, having developed from a side business for two motivated women, into a full fledge, nationwide endeavor.

Aside from being tasty, clean, and full of vitamins, the watermelon jerky is rich in age-fighting antioxidants (if you find that to be important, as aging is not universally a thing that needs to be fought). They’re plant based, gluten-free, dairy-free, have no artificial ingredients, and can be purchased online for $11. Who knows, soon enough we may see watermelon jerky taking over Instagram feeds everywhere.

Image Credit: @ericabachelor