We’re All In This Together: A Message From Our Founder

We're All In This Together: A Message From Our Founder

From the start, LIVEKINDLY has been a small business with big aspirations. I founded LIVEKINDLY to create the deep connections we all crave, and to spread the common message of kindness and compassion for all. Something we don’t see much of in the media.

I thoroughly believe that kindness and compassion are a right, which is why LIVEKINDLY content is free and accessible to everyone around the world. That being said, it still takes capital to provide this free content. From website upkeep to paying our dedicated team of fabulous writers and editors, it is necessary for businesses like ours to generate income. And believe me, we don’t ever want to stop giving you content for free!

LIVEKINDLY Launches Plant-Based Community Membership Platform CLUBKINDLY

This is where CLUBKINDLY comes in. By becoming a member, you not only receive amazing benefits from our generous contributors, but you are also supporting LIVEKINDLY and helping us keep the lights on (quite literally!). CLUBKINDLY subscription payments will ensure that we can continue to provide our consistent content free of charge, so you all can stay up to date on the latest vegan news, learn from plant-based experts, indulge in vegan celebrity updates, and discover new brands and recipes every single day.

We have already received a flurry of CLUBKINDLY sign-ups, and we are all so grateful for those who have put their trust in us to deliver the most amazing perks and exciting opportunities. Our staff has worked hard to bring you the best through this membership platform, and we can’t wait to share it with you. I can promise, CLUBKINDLY will not disappoint.

Whether you resonate with KINDMIND, KINDBODY, or KINDSOUL, I hope you will sign up and become a more integral part of our LIVEKINDLY community. Sign up for yourself, and perhaps extend the kindness and gift a membership to a loved one. Because we could all use a bit more compassion in our lives.

We’re all on this journey together, for our humanity, our home, and those who share it with us. I can’t wait for you to join the CLUB.

Image Credit: Jodi Monelle

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