100% Renewable Energy Seaside Vegan B&B Opens in Weston-Super-Mare

100% Renewable Energy Seaside Vegan Bed & Breakfast Opens in Weston-Super-Mare

The popular UK seaside resort of Weston-Super-Mare is now home to its first-ever vegan B&B.

Founded by Chantal Denny, who grew up in the hotel business, Bijou B&B runs on 100 percent renewable energy and green gas, serves its guests sustainable plant-based breakfasts, and all of its furnishings and fittings are made without the use of animal products.

Even the duvets and pillows are made from recycled plastic, and the cleaners use gentle, allergen-free, eco-friendly, natural products to clean the bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen facilities.

According to Denny – who has followed a vegan lifestyle for six years – the new seaside independent B&B is already a hit with the public, with every room booked on its opening night at the end of last year.

“There’s been a huge increase in the number of vegans in the UK over the last few years, which has really validated my decision,” Denny told local paper Weston Mercury.

But not everyone who visits the hotel is vegan, she added, many are just curious about the movement. In fact, only seven percent of guests who visit Bijou are vegan themselves.

She explained, “Food isn’t the first thing people look for when they’re choosing a B&B. They want a great location and that’s something we offer. After that, I think our eco-friendly approach inspires them to give the vegan food a go.” 

And when they do give the plant-based breakfast a try – which includes a freshly-prepared, locally-sourced, organic buffet, pancakes, or a traditional full English – some guests can’t believe it doesn’t contain any animal products. Denny revealed, “One woman told me she wouldn’t have known the breakfast was vegan unless I told her. I think it’s because I try to source the best vegan produce I possibly can.”

“Whether it’s vegan sausages, bacon, scrambled tofu, or a new kind of butter that’s made without dairy – I serve the kind of food people enjoy at home, even if they’re not vegan,” she concluded.

Bijou B&B is situated close to Weston-Super-Mare’s seafront on Clevedon Road and is open all-year-round.

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