What Is CHOLINE? (And Can You Get it On a Vegan Diet)

What is choline? Do vegans get enough of it on a vegan diet? It isn’t a vitamin, nor a mineral, but it is an essential nutrient for brain health, liver function and metabolism. Numerous studies have been conducted and have revealed the benefits of a choline-rich diet for keeping the brain healthy. Some researchers have concluded that it could play an integral role in Alzheimer’s and dementia prevention.

Are vegans at risk for choline deficiency? Some experts say that vegans should supplement the nutrient. However, choline is found in numerous plant foods: quinoa, mushrooms, pinto beans, spinach, almonds and beets to name a few.

Registered dietitian Heather Russell says that eating a varied, whole foods plant-based diets will provide enough dietary choline. Bahee Van de Bar, registered dietitian with the British Dietetic Association, says that it’s entirely possible to get enough choline on a vegan diet, but you have to have a plan. Watch the video to find out more!