What To Do When You’re Craving Dairy Milk Chocolate But You’re Vegan AF

What To Do When You're Craving Dairy Milk Chocolate But You're Vegan AF

So, you’re sitting in the office, at home reading a book, scrolling through social media, whatever you’re doing – and it hits you — like a monster truck.

If you don’t get creamy, dairy-rich milk chocolate to eat right away, someone’s going to get hurt.

Sound familiar?

Here’s a run-down of why you get cravings for dairy milk chocolate and how to satisfy them, as a vegan.

What To Do When You’re a Vegan Craving Dairy Milk Chocolate


Often cravings for chocolate indicate that your body is warning you of magnesium deficiency. Cacao and cocoa solids are high in magnesium, a common nutrient deficiency. However, milk chocolate comes with added sugar and dairy products, which aren’t doing your body any favors (despite what your taste buds may think!).


Rather than digging into a sweet, creamy bar of milk chocolate, try opting for a healthier choice such as dark chocolate, a cacao power smoothie, or cacao nibs sprinkled over a smoothie bowl. Eating cacao direct from the source (such as cacao powder or nibs) will deliver more magnesium per serve, in comparison to milk chocolate which is diluted with dairy products, sugar, and other additives. (Don’t worry, sugar addiction lessens over time, with reduced sugar intake – you can win!)


Rather than eating chocolate, your cravings for magnesium can be satisfied with other foods – nuts (especially brazil nuts), seeds, sweet potatoes, squash, rice, kelp, oats, avocados, bananas, and leafy greens. Even coffee has reasonable-high magnesium!

Vegan Milk Chocolate

If nothing is truly satisfying your need for milk chocolate – there’s always a vegan version, which rivals the real thing! There are many different types of plant-based milk, of which chocolate can be made from – a common one is Coconut or Rice Milk Chocolate. You can find one example here.

Make your own

While experimenting with flavors, textures, and ingredients until you get the perfect balance for you can be fun, it may also be challenging and timely. Not to worry, the internet and cookbooks can be scoured for the perfect recipe, one example is here.

Just Buy a Bar of VEGO

When all else fails and you almost ‘cheat’ veganism; giving into a bar of dairy milk chocolate – stay strong and just buy a Vego bar. Seriously, you’ll be surprised how similar the taste, texture, and creaminess is. It should be noted however, Vego is not suitable for those with a nut allergy or those who aren’t a fan of hazelnut flavor.