Finally! Here’s Where to Buy OmniPork in the U.S.

Omnipork products

Wondering where to buy OmniPork in the U.S.? OmniFoods’ vegan pork brand is now available at Sprouts Farmers Market and Whole Foods Market.

OmniPork Ground, OmniPork Strips, and OmniPork Luncheon are available at all 371 Sprouts locations nationwide, while OmniPork Ground and OmniPork Strips are available in select Whole Foods Market stores only.

OmniFoods (formerly known as Right Treat), Hong Kong’s star food tech company, is the food innovation branch of Green Monday, a multi-pronged social venture focused on plant-based advocacy and technology.

OmniPork itself combines a proprietary blend of plant-based protein made with GMO-free soy, peas, shiitake mushrooms, and rice, and contains less saturated fat and calories than comparable animal-based pork products.

According to the brand, OmniPork is easily seasoned, steamed, pan-fried, deep-fried, stuffed, and crumbled, making it a versatile addition to any dish.

“By providing our growing consumer base with a healthy and delicious plant-based pork alternative, we continue to fulfill our mission to construct a multi-faceted global ecosystem of future food that helps to combat climate change, food insecurity, public health crisis, planetary devastation, and animal suffering,” said OmniFoods CEO and founder David Yeung.

A plate of vegan OmniPork Pastelillos from Casa Borinqueña on a black background.
Need to know where to buy OmniPork in the U.S.? Casa Borinqueña is turning it into plant-based Pastelillos. | Casa Borinqueña

Where to Buy OmniPork in the U.S.

This launch to Sprouts and Whole Foods stores follows the introduction of OmniPork products to 25 different U.S. restaurants located from California to the Midwest. Fifteen additional food and beverage businesses join the existing 10 already serving the vegan pork product, as per the company’s announcement in July.

Some of the latest Californian restaurants to serve OmniPork are Malibu’s Burgers in Oakland, Brothecary and Mírame in Los Angeles, and Nice Guys and Kenshō Sushi in Orange County.  Meanwhile, roaming pop-up vendor Southern Fried Vegan will travel across the country from Southern California to the Midwest.

“After our successful expansion throughout Asia and initial launch here this Spring, we are continuing to work with fantastic restaurant partners and creative chefs who appreciate the impact food can have on our world,” said Yeung at the time.

Each restaurant’s chefs have designed their own dishes using the vegan pork, including the Michelin-starred Joshua Gil of Mírame and Kenshō’s legendary Don Phan.

Gil’s dishes include OmniPork and Cascabel Tamal Pipian (Guatemalan tamales with tomatillos and chili) and tempura squash blossoms with OmniPork. Phan is serving OmniPork in tantanmen (Sichuan noodle broth) and vegan musubi (a Spam-based sushi-style snack).

Participating restaurants also include Casa Borinqueña, Lucky Pig, Malibu’s Burgers, Genghis Cohen, Srey Vegan, Beleaf Burger, GOEN Dining + Bar, Tane Vegan Izakaya, Shizen, and Ramen Hood. “We are incredibly excited to bring OmniPork to more people as we work with additional partners across America,” added Yeung.

Vegan Pork Goes Worldwide

OmniPork’s vegan meat made its U.S. debut in April to celebrate Earth Day, following which restaurants in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Honolulu served OmniPork Ground, Luncheon (commonly referred to using the brand name Spam), and Strips.

In Hong Kong, where the company is based, the full range also includes OmniEat Dim Sum buns and OmniSeafood vegan fish fillets, tuna, salmon, and a burger patty. In general, OmniFoods is now present in over 20 markets worldwide including ongoing R&D in Canada.

OmniPork’s U.S. expansion follows its successful introduction to UK customers at the start of 2021, where restaurants also developed unique dishes such as empanadas, Scotch eggs, and a Korean BBQ burger.

Around the world, many people are moving away from red and processed meats such as pork due to health and environmental concerns. Instead, plant-based options such as vegan pork are gaining popularity, and OmniPork reported a 120 percent increase in retail sales between 2019 and 2020 and “unprecedented” success following the launch of its vegan luncheon meat.

“We have seen an incredible response to our product in Asia and the U.K., and we anticipate the same enthusiasm here in the U.S. as more Americans adopt a plant-based or flexitarian lifestyle,” said Yeung back in April. “Our product is for anyone looking for a more sustainable, healthier alternative to their favorite animal-based pork products.”