White Beans Make This Vegan Green Tomato Soup Extra Creamy

White Beans Make This Vegan Green Tomato Soup Extra Creamy

Silky and smooth, this Green Tomato Soup has a lovely creamy texture. Garam masala curry powder gives it spice and a delicious taste.

Every year we find ourselves with a glut of green tomatoes. Instead of throwing them away, we get some to ripe indoors with the help of a few apples. Others are used to make Green Tomato Jam or fried green tomatoes fritters (a recipe I will need to write up some day).

This year I decided to add to my repertoire with this Green Tomato Soup. Tomato soup can be a bit thin so I added cauliflower and cannellini beans to give it a creamy texture without having to add any dairy. The curry adds some lovely flavors.

You might have to adjust the acidity of the soup with a bit of sugar at the end — add a pinch and taste as you go. I also like to add shredded coconut on top just before serving.


More Vegan Soup Suggestions

If you enjoyed this green tomato soup and you’re in the mood for some more, there are plenty of other vegan soup recipes to keep you going.

The Flexitarian has also put together this recipe for a dairy-free creamy leek and potato spring soup. It’s tasty, creamy, and packed with nutrition. It’s also a great way to sneak some more vegetables into your child’s diet, says the recipe blogger, plus it’s affordable. Potatoes and leeks are always cheap supermarket buys.

This recipe for dairy-free and double cheesy cheddar broccoli soup by Remy Park is also — as the name implies — extra creamy and nutritious. Make in large batches and store in the freezer so that you’re always prepared with something healthy and tasty on those super busy days. It’s like a dairy-free version of the classic broccoli cheddar soup.

For something a little more unique, why not try this fish-free take on a Norwegian classic? Jenny Marie’s version of fiskesuppe uses tofu and mushrooms instead of traditional fish, and according to the recipe blogger, it “hits the right notes of smoky, fishy, and chowdery.”

This recipe was republished with permission from The Flexitarian.