9 Reasons Why Everyone You Know Is Going on Vegan Wellness Retreats in 2019

Are you looking to go away in 2019, but you’re not quite sure what kind of holiday to take? Just like many other people you know, a vegan wellness retreat could be the right kind of break for you. Whether you’re looking for a trip to the UK or to India, or maybe even the south of France, there’s a retreat out there for everybody. Here are nine reasons why you, and everyone you know, could be going on a vegan wellness retreat in 2019.

9 Reasons Why Everyone You Know Is Going on Vegan Wellness Retreats in 2019

1. For the Long-Term Health Benefits

The intention of a wellness retreat is to give you time to focus on yourself; to learn more about what it is that your body really needs. This is so that you can keep feeling your best self long after you’ve left the retreat. The Detox Barn, in Suffolk, UK, for example, offers clients an education on healthy whole foods, plant-based eating. In a “supportive, down-to-earth setting,” host Sharon Gavin speaks from experience after years of following a plant-based diet helped her recover from a rare auto-immune disease.

2. For Peaceful Cruelty-Free Rest

Wellness retreats offer a chance for your mind to be at peace, and if there are no animal products consumed, some believe this a chance for your body to be at peace too. The SwaSwara retreat in Goa, India, for example, offers guests a “quiet, reflective, healing” vegan-friendly experience, according to Queen of Retreats.

3. To Meet Like-Minded People

For new vegans, old vegans, or those who are just interested in plant-based foods, vegan wellness retreats offer a chance to be around people who feel the same as you. They are also a chance to learn from others who may be further along in their plant-based journey or who may bring a new perspective to the lifestyle.

4. To Escape the Daily Grind

For many of us, amongst all the good stuff, life is filled with work and family worries and mundane tasks and chores. Vegan wellness retreats are an escape, where you don’t have to worry about turning up to work on time, or putting the washing on. You can just focus on relaxing and rejuvenating so that you come back new, ready to face life’s highs and lows.

5. To Cleanse the Mind, Body, and Soul

Some feel that a good vegan wellness experience can reset your mind, body, and spirit to a place that is calm and mindful. For a real healing experience or for those who are looking to tackle some major problems in their life, The Arrigo Programme in Somerset, UK is a mainly plant-based retreat which will help you rebalance your life and cleanse and heal your body and mind.

6. To Learn About Plant-Based Food

Vegan wellness retreats are a learning experience, they can not only teach you about yourself, but they can also teach you about the nutritional value of plant-based food, as well as the tastiness of it. For example, Chateau de Moulliac in France focuses on helping visitors learn about the wonders of raw vegan food.

7. To Get Active

Retreats are also a chance to have fun and get moving, it’s not all about reflective thought and mindfulness. If you’re looking to get fit as well as to cleanse your mind and spirit, many retreats offer yoga or pilates classes to get involved with. Vegetarian, vegan-friendly retreat Yogamagic in Goa offers daily yoga lessons amongst coconut palm trees, for example.

8. To Be At One with Nature

By their very nature, wellness retreats allow you to “retreat” away from the everyday, busy life of towns and cities and into the arms of the great outdoors. Not only will you learn about yourself, and perhaps discover a new way of eating and living, you could also come away with greater respect for the ocean, the forest, or the mountains.

9. To Experience Something New

If you’re new to the concept of veganism, plant-based living, or wellness, vegan wellness retreats allow you to learn and enjoy something different. You never know, you might discover a new affinity for yoga or nature walks, or simply mindfulness and being in touch with yourself and your needs.

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