Why Impossible Foods Doesn’t Like Being Compared to Beyond Meat

Why Impossible Foods Doesn’t Like Being Compared to Beyond Meat

In the golden era of vegan burgers, two companies have stood above the the rest: Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods.

‘Two Companies, Same Mission’

Both of the California brands attracted mainstream attention with meat-like plant-based burgers and can now be found in an increasing number of restaurant chains. Beyond Meat launched the most successful first-day IPO in nearly two decades while Impossible Foods said it isn’t ruling out going public. It’s easy to say that the Beyond Burger and Impossible Burger are in a neck-to-neck race for dominance over the vegan meat market.

A recent article for the LA Times titled “Beyond Meat vs. Impossible Foods: Which Plant-Based Protein Comes Out Ahead?” likens the moves made by both companies to the cutthroat Cola wars of the 1980s. But Impossible Foods doesn’t see it that way.

“You don’t compete with someone on the same team as you. Two companies, same mission,” the brand Tweeted in response to the article.

Plant-Based for the Planet

Meat has been on our plates for 2.6 million years. But the rise of factory farming in the mid-20th century has wreaked havoc on the planet. Animal agriculture requires vast quantities of land, water, and other resources in order to produce meat, dairy, and eggs. Evidence strongly suggests that it’s the driving force behind the current climate crisis.

The public’s consciousness about the connection between animal products and global warming is growing yet many still buy what’s familiar. But plant-based meat is becoming more popular, primarily thanks to the Impossible Burger and the Beyond Burger. Each brand has a different strategy: the former’s focus is getting into restaurants while the latter has taken on retail and restaurants. Beyond Meat even played a big role in convincing grocery stores to sell plant-based meat next to the real thing.

Both companies are working toward the same goal of creating a sustainable, vegan version of meat so that people can enjoy the food they love without the planetary destruction.

Newly formulated Beyond Burgers, now featuring marbling and an even beefier flavor, are rolling out into stores nationwide. The company is also gearing up to open its first European production facility. Impossible Foods launched an updated recipe earlier this year, boasting as much iron and protein as ground beef. Vegan-friendly Impossible Whoppers will be in Burger King restaurants nationwide by the end of the year.