Why This Agricultural Giant Just Invested in Clean Meat

Why This Agricultural Giant Just Invested In Clean Meat

Cargill is expanding within the clean meat market. The agricultural giant recently invested in lab-grown meat company Aleph Farms, GlobalMeat News reports.

Cargill is one of the world’s top producers and distributors of agricultural products including grain, sugar, and salt. It also works in the animal agriculture sector, controlling more than 20 percent of America’s domestic meat market. Cargill is the largest poultry producer in Thailand.

Now, the meat processing giant is sinking its teeth into the clean meat industry by partnering with cellular agriculture company Aleph Farms.

The Growth of the Clean Meat Industry

Aleph Farms uses real animal cells to grow beef in a lab. The end result is an edible food product that closely replicates meat because biologically, it is. The main difference is that no animals need to be slaughtered to produce it.

The clean meat industry is seeing growing attention recently as more companies work to bring lab-grown meats to market.

It seems no meat sector is safe from the cruelty-free industry; clean meat companies are developing everything from pork sausages to duck to seafood to pet food. Sixty-six percent of Americans say they are keen to try clean meat and by 2027, the clean meat industry is projected to reach $20 million in value.

Why This Agricultural Giant Just Invested In Clean Meat
Clean meat companies make slaughter-free meats like beef and pork

Aleph Farms works in the beef sector. In December 2018, it grew a steak from cow cells. According to GlobalMeat News, Aleph Farms intends on building bio-farms to eventually launch its steak under controlled conditions. It hopes to achieve this in three to five years.

“Cargill is committed to innovation and we are delighted to be a part of Aleph’s accelerated growth,” Sonya Roberts, managing director of growth ventures and strategic pricing for Cargill Protein North America, said in a statement. “This partnership connects new frontiers in cell-based technology with insights in the global food system and supply chains to meet future customer and consumer needs.”

“Consumer demand for protein continues to be very strong,” said Roberts, adding that there is an opportunity for plant and cultured protein to complement Cargill’s “traditional animal protein portfolio.”

President of Cargill Protein North America Jon Nash added, “We all need to work together to address the increasing global need for protein in coming years… We have a responsibility to look at all innovators that can help us feed the world.”

Cargill also invested in clean meat company Memphis Meats and vegan protein company Puris.