‘Wife Swap’ Is Back After 6 Years and It’s Going Vegan

‘Wife Swap’ Is Back After 6 Years and It’s Going Vegan

Reality television series “Wife Swap” is back again and it’s looking for vegan families.

A casting call on Savannah Now calls for “non-traditional families” within and near the city. Along with vegan families, the new “Wife Swap” is seeking a family that loves sugar and baking, beauty pageant families, families who live in homes where “‘spooky’ incidents” happen, and religiously diverse families. Families interested in participating must be Georgia residents and have at least two children under the age of 15.

The original series was broadcast on the ABC Network from 2004 to 2010. The premise involves “swapping” wives following dramatically different lifestyles. The new series began airing earlier this month.

The show is broken down into two weeks. During the first week, the wife attempts to work within the old wife’s “rules.” She’s then allowed to govern the house under her own rules for the second week. When the two weeks are up, the couples would convene to discuss what they learned from the experience. In some instances, new insights were gained from living a dramatically different lifestyle, but usually, it devolved into personal insults and arguments.


It’s not the first time “Wife Swap” will feature a vegan family — season nine, episode two involved swapping Jackie Koplin from a minimalist raw vegan family with Bobbie Hodge of a Kentucky hunting family. Koplin’s new family teased her for her animal rights activism while Hodge pushed back when the Koplins refused to buy meat for her.

A 2009 episode involved fitness instructor Joy Brown being placed with a family where she cleaned out their refrigerator to help them get healthier. Canned cheese, bacon, and other processed foods were chucked, leading to the iconic “Bacon is good for me” and by the family’s then six-year-old son. In the video, the son lectures Brown for cleaning out the family refrigerator.

While the show featured both working and full-time moms, it could be said that it’s reinforcing traditionally sexist ideas of domesticity. But the new show might change that — an upcoming episode will feature the series’ first gay Black couple, according to Out Magazine.

“Wife Swap” casting call applications are open until June 21, 2019. It airs Thursdays at 8/9c on the Paramount Network.