Winefulness’s Vegan ‘Mindful’ Wine Tasting Event Comes to London

Vegan ‘Mindful’ Wine Tasting Event Comes to London

London is celebrating vegan wine. The city will host its first vegan “Winefulness” event this October, combining the concepts of vegan wine appreciation and mindfulness.

The event is co-hosted by Emma Roberts of Eviva Communications, a wine PR agency, and mindfulness trainer Andy Hix of Wellbeing Capital Partners. The companies believe that mindfulness can be practiced across all factions of life, not just meditation. According to the hosts, mindfulness can be utilized to better experience things people enjoy, like drinking wine.

Roberts told Harpers, a wine and spirit media outlet, “The event will also help consumers become more aware of what and how much they are drinking.” She continued, “Many of the major high street and online retailers have ramped up their offerings of vegan wines this year in response to the surge in popularity of veganism.”

There are over half a million vegans in the UK, according to the Vegan Society, and because over half of these vegans are between 15 to 34 years old, the event will be catered toward the “trendy, young, and health-conscious” crowd.

wine and pasta

Vintage Roots, an organic wine specialist, has been charged with curating the wines for the event, which will be served alongside vegan cheese from I’m Nut OK, a London plant-based cheese pop-up and wholesale supplier.

All (within legal drinking age) are welcome to attend. The event’s webpage reads, “…This fun and experiential event will help you learn to taste wine like the professionals and become more wine confident, apply the principles of mindfulness to your daily life and learn to really savor everything you eat and drink, and to be in control of your wine consumption rather than it controlling you.” The hosts also assure that all are encouraged to attend no matter their aptitude for wine or the practice of mindfulness.

As consumers have become more aware of the winemaking process and learned that not all wines are inherently vegan, the plant-based wine category has become increasingly popular amongst winemakers. The trend is shifting to more natural, organic, and biodynamic methods, giving brands an edge over questionable varieties that do not explicitly communicate their ingredients or use of fining agents.

Winefulness will be held at The Grocery Wine Bar & Vault in Shoreditch, London, on October 23 from 7 – 9 pm.

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