World First: Lab-Grown Chicken Launches for Home Delivery in Singapore

World First: Lab-Grown Chicken Launches for Home Delivery in Singapore

Eat Just Inc. and foodpanda are launching the first-ever lab-grown chicken delivery service in Singapore.

The Californian food tech company is partnering with Asia’s leading food and grocery delivery platform to introduce three distinct dishes featuring “high-quality chicken made in a brand-new way” to celebrate Earth Day 2021.

The making of cell-based meat (commonly referred to as cultured or lab-grown meat) involves growing real meat using animal cells. Each of the new deliverable meals includes chicken produced by GOOD Meat, Eat Just’s cultured meat subsidiary.

Singapore-based customers can order chicken with coconut rice (featuring pak choi, sweet chili, chrysanthemums, and microgreens), katsu chicken curry with jasmine rice (featuring heritage carrots, micro shiso, and edible flowers), or a chicken Caesar salad (featuring kale, romaine, edible flowers, shaved radish, and vegan Caesar dressing).

The news follows the regulatory approval and debut of lab-grown chicken  — both also world firsts — at Singapore’s 1880 venue last year, which will be preparing the new meals for delivery.

According to Eat Just, up to 70 percent of Singaporeans who tried GOOD Meat said that it tasted as good or better than traditional chicken. While nearly 90 percent of those diners reported that they would swap out traditional chicken for the cell-based version.

World First: Lab-Grown Meat Launches for Home Delivery in Singapore
The lab-grown chicken and rice meal features chrysanthemums and greens | GOOD Meat

Why lab-grown meat?

Proponents of lab-grown meat, such as Eat Just, believe that cell-based and plant-based proteins represent a more sustainable replacement for traditional animal agriculture.

“Bringing GOOD Meat directly to the homes of people in Singapore with foodpanda is another historically important step in our journey to build a safer, healthier food system,” said Eat Just CEO and co-founder Josh Tetrick in a press release sent to LIVEKINDLY.

According to the brand, each order will also feature eco-friendly bamboo fiber and resin packaging and e-bike delivery by foodpanda riders.

Also included with each order is a free Google cardboard VR headset through which customers can watch a short film about the production of GOOD Meat and how this relates to the “protection, preservation, and restoration” of our planet’s wild spaces.

“Food is at the core of our business, and ensuring that we have a sustainable food ecosystem is an important agenda for us,” added Jakob Angele, CEO of foodpanda APAC.

“Foodpanda is thrilled to be the first platform in the world to deliver cultured meat dishes,” he continued. so that customers in Singapore can be the world’s first diners to enjoy them from the comforts of their home,” he said.

Eat Just’s lab-grown meat will be available from Earth Day, April 22, for a limited time in Singapore exclusively via the foodpanda app. The dishes will only be available within 1880’s delivery zone.