5 Reasons to Show Some Love to Vegans This World Vegetarian Day

October 1st (Sunday!) is World Vegetarian Day!

As suggested by the title, this day should celebrated by encouraging people to appreciate their favourite vegetarian (or vegan) as it honors those who take steps towards living kindly by choosing to remove meat from their meals.

Despite vegans being subject to a significant amount of stick from friends, family and many more – their efforts do deserve recognition and are making the world a cleaner, kinder place. So – here’s why you should show some extra kindness to vegetarians and vegans this World Vegetarian Day.

5 Reasons to Show Some Love to Vegans This World Vegetarian Day

To Thank Them for All The Animals They Save

By reducing the demand for animal agriculture and choosing a cruelty-free lifestyle, a significant amount of animal suffering is reduced and eradicated. According to Counting Animals – the average U.S vegetarian or vegan saves about 404 animals every year! That’s more than one animal saved every day. Those figures don’t include other farmed animals such as cows for dairy milk and chicken for eggs, making a vegan’s impact even more substantial.

To Thank Them for Caring About the Health of Others

A plant-based diet and diets that don’t include meat not only improve personal health but inspire others to eat more mindfully also. Natalie Portman even credits her vegan diet over vegetarianism for curing acne. The world’s population is projected to reach nearly 10 billion before 2050 and if we want to ensure good health of future inhabitants – humanity needs to seriously consider a global food system shift and replace animal agriculture with plant-based foods.

To Thank Them for Caring About the Environment

The agriculture sector is one of the highest sources of global greenhouse gas emissions and forest destruction. Just under 30% of the planet’s available ice-free surface is used for agriculture, specifically to raise livestock and grow feed crops for them. Across the globe more than 1 billion people go hungry everyday – yet the majority of the world’s crops are fed to livestock. Putting the land and resources used for agricultural farming, into plant-crops would create a more sustainable food system.

To Thank Them for Creating the Demand for Tasty Vegan Products

By being (sometimes overly) passionate consumers and creating the demand for plant-based products, vegans are thus making it miles easier for the many inevitable future plant-eaters and increasing mainstream availability within the current food system. Retailers simply can’t ignore that the plant-based market’s sales have totalled $3.1 billion in one year. It seems that more and more vegan-friendly products are being released by the day (keep up to date on our Facebook and news sector).

To Thank Them for Inspiring Others to Transition by Cooking Amazing Food

vegan currywurst berlin

It’s no secret that plant-based food has high potential to be colourful, very flavoursome and aesthetically pleasing enough to make anyone drool. Most vegans will be familiar with other people asking for their food – based purely on how delicious it looks. From raw desserts, seasonal foods, believable plant-based meats and cheese to even ‘white chocolate‘ themed foods, anything is possible and arguably even better plant-based.