World’s First Ever Holographic Cinema Will be Completely Vegan!

A fully vegan, superfood cafe has been named as the first home of a dedicated hologram theater. FilmOn’s Hologram USA Networks Inc. which is set to open at Alchemy on Hollywood Boulevard will be ‘the first dedicated hologram theater in the world.’ Alchemy will provide cinema snacks such as vegan shakes and popcorn to viewers.

Alki David, CEO of Hologram USA has himself been a vegan for 12 years and believes that vegan snacks and holographic cinema go hand in hand. ‘At Hologram USA we are re-imagining entertainment – bringing beloved superstars back to perform and providing unbelievable spectacles for our audiences,’ says David. ‘It’s only natural we should reinvent the theater snack bar as well. With Alchemy’s innovative take on health food…we’ll create a completely new experience.

The company use technology that allows them to create life-size and lifelike images which they hope can bring lost stars ‘back to life’. Alchemy will open with Billie Holiday Alive! and also feature sets from comedians such as Michael Blackson and Lachlan Patterson.

This theater is the first in a planned 150 across the USA, with locations opening in Chicago, Indianapolis and Foxwoods in October. It’s unclear as to whether all the locations will be serving plant-based food, but David’s commitment to re-inventing the cinema experience suggests that this might be the case.

Hologram USA’s choice of venue for their first theater could be a real glance into the future – combining innovative technologies that were previously unavailable to the wider public and a vegan diet.

Many influential figures believe that a vegan diet is the future of the food industry, with Richard Branson claiming that we will be a meat-free world in the next 30 years, and CEO of Impossible Foods, Pat Brown, setting out to rid the word of animal products by 2035.

This new theater will allow Californians to look back and appreciate the greats of the past, whilst being part of a move towards a brighter future.

Image credit: Alchemy