World’s Largest Vegan Thanksgiving Feast to Provide 100,000lbs of Food and Clothing to Low-Income Families

World's Largest Vegan Thanksgiving Feast to Provide 100,000lbs of Food and Clothing to Low-Income Families

Community Solidarity – America’s biggest vegetarian hunger relief organization – is set to host the world’s largest vegan thanksgiving event.

Taking place in Long Island, the event, named “Vegan Thanksgiving Bonanza,” will help both people and the animals by providing 100,000lbs worth of veggie groceries, clothing, and books to people in need, as well as an enormous vegan feast.

“It will be the embodiment of a community that is standing in solidarity against hunger and in defiance of poverty and hate,” notes the organization.

As well as dining on the day, guests who attend the event will receive a week’s worth of plant-based groceries and will be able to choose a whole new wardrobe for themselves from the selection of free clothing on offer.

With its thousands of volunteers, Community Solidarity works all year round to achieve its goal of eliminating hunger, poverty, and homelessness by providing groceries, fresh produce, and vegan meals to low-income families in Long Island and New York City. They also organize “guerilla gardening programs,” which plant sunflowers across neighborhoods and provide peach trees to families.

The organization believes that alleviating the hunger of humans and alleviating the suffering of animals are “not mutually exclusive” issues. It notes that, until society recognizes that all living beings are worthy of life, suffering will continue within humanity.

“In our view,” says Community Solidarity, “there’s a blind indifference that makes it so easy for some people to overlook the hungry and poor among us. This is the same indifference that makes it so easy for many to overlook the suffering of animals in factory farms.”

“It’s an indifference that blinds people into overlooking an economic system that devalues those poor animals lives, while also devaluing the poor and hungry people in our own communities,” it adds.

“We fundamentally believe that the only way to solve one of these problems is to address them all at once.”

To get involved with the Vegan Thanksgiving Bonanza or to donate clothing items, food, or funds, please see here. The event will take place on Sunday November 18.

image Credit: Adobe Stock

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