Y2K Slogan Tees, But Make Them Sustainable

sustainable slogan tees

The world of beauty and style is witnessing a Y2K revival (thanks for that one, TikTok). Halter necks, baguette bags, and cute cardigans are back, as well as another early-aughts classic: the slogan tee. (Remember Britney Spears’ iconic “dump him” shirt from 2002?) Ok, arguably, the trend never really left — slogan tees have long been a staple for fast-fashion brands. Some street styles still look the same decades on. But in 2021, the fashion industry is changing for the better.

Sustainable clothing is more popular than ever. Recycled and organic material choices, as well as the fairer treatment of human beings in supply chains, is becoming more common.

Wear your ethical clothing choices loud and proud with these 7 sustainable statement slogan tees. They declare everything from “cancel plastic” to the Britney-reminiscent reminder: “fries before guys.” 

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