The Yeast Beast and the Brain | Aiding Candida Through Nutrition

Did you know that over 70% over your immune system lives in your gut? Furthermore, if your digestive system is not working at an optimum level – the chances are, other body systems are suffering because of this.

One of the most common digestive ailments today, is Candida. Candida is a ruthless condition where there is an overgrowth or infection of parasitic yeast-like fungus in the intestines, which have displaced the good bacteria needed for healthy digestion and elimination.

The toxins produced by Candida are absorbed back into the bloodstream and carried throughout the body not only causing the obvious symptoms of bloating, stomach discomfort, inflammation, gas, acne, diarrhea and or constipation, but also allergies, brain fog, fatigue, and neurological problems. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?


Candida thrives on undigested sugar and carbohydrates, and they signal the body to crave these foods. It’s a vicious cycle, however, it can be controlled.

The best way to tackle this Yeast Beast is to starve it, whilst replenishing the gut’s good bacteria with a multi-strained pro-biotic. Doing this will improve your digestive health, and equally, your neurological wellness.

AVOID: sugar, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, citrus, dairy, processed meats, commercially raised / factory farmed meats, dried fruit (high in sugar), tomatoes, yeast containing foods (wine, beer, bread), preservatives, eggs, roasted nuts.

INCREASE: GARLIC! (it kills yeast), vegetables, whole grains (brown rice, quinoa, millet, buckwheat, barley), raw nuts and seeds (and butters), water. A note about whole grains: consuming whole grains helps regulate your blood sugar levels, thus, aiding in starving the candida!

– A good quality probiotic (found in the refrigerated section of the health food store)
– Plant-based digestive enzymes
– A good quality multi-vitamin
– Omega-3 Fatty Acids (flax or algae oil, chia seeds)
– HCl Betaine (for those with under-active stomachs)


Candida Friendly Breakfast Recipe

Hot Buckwheat Cereal (hearty and tasty)

– ¼ cup buckwheat groats
– ¼ cup steel cut oats
– ½ cup coconut milk
– 1 Tbsp coconut oil
– Cinnamon
– Stevia to-taste

– Cook the buckwheat groats and oats as directed on packaging. Oats cook at a faster pace, add them accordingly
– Drain the water, stir in the coconut oil and coconut milk
– Sprinkle with cinnamon and stevia



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