You Can Now Get Vegan Cornettos In Australia

Vegan Cornettos Are Here for the Best Australian Summer

Vegan Cornettos have arrived in Australia. The dairy-free ice cream cones are an exact match of the classic frozen treat, only featuring soy-based ice cream and dairy-free chocolate.

The frozen treats come speckled with dark chocolate pieces and topped with crunchy chopped hazelnuts inside a wafer cone coated with chocolate. And of course, it has the iconic chocolatey tip that Cornettos are known for.

“For over 50 years we’ve been perfecting our Cornetto recipe, including allowing us to use soy based ice cream that keeps the smooth ice cream texture that Cornetto is famous for,” says the brand.

Australian vegan blogger Messy Veggies, who sampled the new ice cream, notes that unlike the version that launched in the UK last year, the wafer cones are not gluten-free.

Vegan Ice Cream Down Under

Dairy-free ice cream is becoming increasingly available across Australia as consumers continue to seek animal-free products for their health, sustainability, and animal welfare issues. Globally, the vegan ice cream market is expected to reach $1 billion by 2024.

According to data released by Euromonitor International last year, Australia is one of the fastest-growing vegan markets in the world, behind the UK, the US, and Germany.

The arrival of vegan Cornettos shortly follows the announcement that dairy-free Magnum ice cream bars will launch on January 28 nationwide. The pea protein-based, chocolate-coated ice cream is available in two flavors, Classic and Almond.

In 2017, Ben & Jerry’s launched its almond milk-based vegan ice cream nationwide. And last February, cult-hit American ice cream brand Halo Top debuted its low-calorie vegan ice cream in Woolworths. The grocery store chain also stocks coconut milk-based ice cream from homegrown brand, Over the Moo.

Chocolate brand Pana, best known for its organic, handmade bars, entered the dairy-free ice cream market with three flavors in Coles last September. And Gelavo, an independent shop in Perth, is making dairy-free chocolate and coffee ice cream from ugly avocados.

Four-packs of the vegan Cornetto cones are available in Woolworths, IGA, and select specialty grocery stores across Australia. But, according to many fans, supermarkets are already selling out due to high demand.

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