You Can Now Get Vegan ‘Mini Milk’ Lollies in 3 Flavors

You Can Now Get Vegan ‘Mini Milk’ Lollies in 3 Flavors

If you grew up in the UK, it’s likely at one time or another you enjoyed a Mini Milk ice cream lolly at the seaside in the summer. Made by Walls, Mini Milks were nearly always the cheapest option on the ice lolly board, and arguably, one of the tastiest too. As the name suggests, Mini Milks are made with cow’s milk. However, there’s now a vegan version on the shelves.

Dairy-free brand Food Heaven has created vegan Lolly Tots Mini Lollies, which look and taste just like the dairy-packed childhood favorite. They even come in the same three iconic flavors: chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.

Instagram account Accidentally Vegan UK posted about the lollies, captioning the image “vegan mini milks!!! Summer made.” It added that they can be found in Morrisons supermarkets.

Social media users are excited about the new vegan lollies. One commented on the post, “I miss Mini Milks so hard!” Another added, “Awesome! [I’ve] been waiting for something like this for the kids.”

‘A Premium Non-Dairy Experience’

You Can Now Get Vegan ‘Mini Milk’ Lollies in 3 Flavors
Vegan “Mini Milks” are available in three flavors | @yenreit_

Dairy-free ice cream lollies aren’t the only nostalgic offering from Food Heaven. The brand also offers vegan whipped cream, vanilla custard dessert, and a range of vegan ice cream flavors.

It notes on its website, “lifestyle choices should not be a compromise and Food Heaven offers you a premium non-dairy experience that is anything but compromise. Driven by a passion for good food and a heritage in vegan cookery, we have developed our range with adults and children in mind.”

It continues, “Food Heaven aims to change the way we eat for the better by creating delicious, naturally healthy plant-based foods, for the maximum wellbeing of everyone and with the utmost respect for our planet.”