You Only Need 5 Ingredients to Make These Vegan Caramel Chocolates

You Only Need 5 Ingredients to Make These Vegan Caramel Chocolates

Today I am sharing a vegan and gluten-free superfood sweet treat made with some of my favourite ingredients.

We will be essentially making a sort of “chocolate” where we are completely omitting the cacao powder and substituting it with “lucuma.”

Lucuma often makes a guest appearance in my sweet treats. It imparts a caramel-like flavour, with hints of maple syrup, custard, and mango (heaven or what?).

That unique combination of tantalising flavours lends itself nicely as an addition to naturally sweetened, superfood delights.

Lucuma is a subtropical fruit that is apparently native to countries like Ecuador, Chile, and Peru.

These days you’ll also find it growing successfully in other subtropical regions. I’ve also heard that in Peru, lucuma is one of the most popular flavours for ice cream – wowzers. I’d love to spend time there and experiment with the abundance of fresh lucuma that can be found there.

Unless you are fortunate enough to live in a region where this fruit grows on the trees, you’ll probably be more familiar with lucuma in its powdered superfood form. This is how I’ve always used it.

Enjoying it in powdered form allows for a concentration of its nutrients (having the moisture removed). It also means that it works very well where powders are called for (for example in chocolate-type recipes).

Lucuma is loaded with antioxidants that help to fight off nasties that might invade your body. It is also full of lots of other wonderfully healthy minerals and vitamins.

It is an excellent low-glycemic alternative to regular sugar. I am using it in this recipe in conjunction with coconut sugar (another sweetener that is said to have a considerably lower glycemic index).

I’ve produced lovely heart-shaped chocolates. You can easily find chocolate moulds online and they aren’t very expensive, especially if you are going to make a habit of making chocolate.

If you do not have moulds then worry not (I didn’t have moulds for years!).

A great alternative to using moulds is to find a container, line it with parchment paper, and then pour the melted mixture into that before setting in the fridge or freezer. Once it has set you can just chop or snap it into pieces and enjoy “rustic-style” salted caramel chocolate pieces.

I often use a mould to get nice “fancy” shapes if I am sharing with friends or making chocolates to give as gifts.


This recipe was republished with permission from Kind Earth.