You Only Need 8 Ingredients to Make This Vegan Chocolate Pie

You Only Need 8 Ingredients to Make This Vegan Chocolate Pie

This eight-ingredient vegan chocolate pie is made from only whole foods! Gluten-free and refined sugar-free, this dairy-free pie recipe also super simple to make.

It’s my final blog post of the year and I wanted to leave you with something absolutely delicious. Presenting my eight-ingredient vegan chocolate pie!

I’m currently sitting here eating a slice of it as I type (oh, the perks of being a food blogger) and can confirm it’s one of my favourite vegan pie recipes of this year.

And for several reasons. 1) It’s made with just eight ingredients, meaning you don’t have to spend hours searching for hard-to-find items in your local grocery store. 2) Those ingredients are all whole foods. So no rubbish, no bulking agents, and no refined sugar. And 3) It tastes incredible and is the perfect party dessert.

So whether you’re heading to any seasonal gatherings or you just want to make a vegan dessert recipe for yourself, this dairy-free pie is for you.

Get cosy, put on your favourite warm sweater and curl up on the sofa with a good Christmas film and a slice! Because I’m a firm believer that we all deserve rest and comfort at this time of year.

8-Ingredient Vegan Chocolate Pie – A note on the recipe

This vegan pie recipe is so much fun to make and is quite simple. The only really important point to remember is to chill certain ingredients.

For the pastry, ensure you’ve chilled your coconut oil and water in the fridge beforehand. You want them to be as cold as possible (this will make the pastry flakier).

Also, it’s important to use your hands as little as you can when mixing the dough. Instead, use a metal spoon where possible. This will ensure that the dough stays cool. (Heads up: this pastry can be a little crumbly. This is pretty common when working with gluten-free pastry. You just have to have a bit more patience with it and accept that it might tear a little!)

For the filling, it’s also essential that your coconut milk has been chilled beforehand. This will make it separate into hardened cream and water. This is a really important step! If you don’t chill the coconut milk, then you’ll end up with too much water in your dairy-free pie filling and it will be too runny as a result. Nobody got time for that.


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This recipe was republished with permission from Vancouver With Love.

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