Zac Efron Survives On Vegan Food in The Desert

Zac Efron Survives On Vegan Food in The Desert

Even when Zac Efron is off the grid, he’s still living his best plant-based life. The vegan actor just released footage of his recent time away where he camped with friends, hung out in the ocean, met some wildlife, and ate vegan food in the desert.

In a YouTube video called “Off The Grid With Zac Efron,” the entertainer explained the purpose for his 96-hour window where he went off the grid on a trip to Lake Mohave in Arizona. “We came out to the lake just to get away. It’s really important to reset every once in a while,” he said in the video.

“Getting out and experiencing the wild, stepping out of your comfort zone. It’s cool, it helps you grow as a person,” he added.

He and his group of friends, including brother Dylan, fueled up for the trip with Justin’s peanut butter. The brand also makes vegan dark chocolate almond butter cups.

The trip saw the group wakesurfing (and falling off) behind speed boats. They jumped off cliff faces into the ocean, swam in lakes beside wild donkeys, and slept on cots with sleeping bags under the stars – though the group noted the massive amount of insects about.

“Just because we’re off the grid, doesn’t mean we can’t train,” one friend said to the camera, as the rest of the group lifted rocks and planked with large stones on their backs.

To power them through their outdoorsy workouts, the group feasted on vegan food. Fusilli pasta and tofu bolognese topped with avocado was on the menu for night one, which was cooked outdoors in the dark.

“Twisty pasta,” canned chili, and tofu sausage was cooked up on another evening.

Alongside bathing in the ocean, setting off fireworks, and having no cell signal for four days, the group said, “we grow through travel and experiences and our bonds get stronger. This is what life’s about.”

Zac Efron and Veganism

Last year, Efron announced his decision to ditch animal products. He commented that he was feeling “brilliant” thanks to his new lifestyle. “[It’s] completely changed the way that my body works,” he explained. “And the way that I metabolize food, the way it turns into energy, the way that I sleep. It’s been brilliant. It’s been great for my exercise, and great for my routine,” he said.

It appears his love for plant-based food is still going strong. In February, the entertainer dined on dairy-free ice cream whilst recovering from knee surgery.