Australian Mexican Chain Zambrero Adds Vegan Cheese to 170 Locations

Australian Mexican Chain Zambrero Adds Vegan Cheese to 170 Locations

Australian Mexican restaurant chain Zambrero has added vegan cheese to its menu.

Following a successful trial in Victoria, which saw plenty of positive feedback, the company has now made its gluten-free, non-GMO, premium quality vegan cheese a permanent menu addition. The new cheese will be available in every single one of Zambrero’s 170 restaurants across Australia.

“Across the industry we have seen an increase in the desire for vegan-friendly products, not only by vegans but also those that are lactose intolerant and health-conscious,” CEO Bianca Azzopardi said in a statement“We know it can be tricky to find consistency in plant-based alternatives, especially that taste really good, and we continue to aim to position Zambrero as the first choice for a healthy, vegan-friendly meal.”

Created by Australian brand MyLife and made with coconut oil, the chain’s new vegan cheese mimics the taste of cheddar and is free of soy, palm oil, lactose, whey, and casein. For an extra $1, the cheese can be added to any burrito, taco, bowl, or quesadilla, and for an extra $2, it can be added to a plate of nachos.

Zambrero is already a vegan-friendly chain, with a multitude of plant-based options available. In fact, according to the chain’s website, everything on the menu can either be veganized or made vegetarian.

Zambrero is not only on a mission to makes its menu more sustainable, but it is also out to help solve world hunger.

For every burrito or bowl purchased from the chain, a meal is donated to a person in need. The scheme is called “Plate 4 Plate” and was developed in partnership with Rise Against Hunger – an international organization that aims to provide hunger relief in Africa, the Americas, and Asia – and with Foodbank, which works to feed the hungry in Australia. So far, Zambrero has donated 24,615, 228 meals.

Across Australia, the trend for ethical, conscious consumerism is growing, and many restaurants and chains are adapting their menus to keep up with demand. International sandwich chain Subway even launched a vegan falafel sub across Australia and New Zealand in July. Kate Brody, the chain’s marketing director said, “We know Australian palates and preferences have changed over time.”

Image Credit: Zambrero