Disney Star Zendaya Has Just Discovered the Perfect Vegan Ice Cream

Disney's Zendaya, pictured, has found the perfect vegan ice cream.

Popular actress and singer-songwriter Zendaya took to Twitter yesterday to tell fans that she ‘found some bomb ass vegan ice cream.’

The star, who came to fame through her appearances on the Disney Channel, is well documented as being an ethical vegetarian, but does this tweet mean she’s trying veganism?

In an interview with People magazine last year, Zendaya talked about her switch to vegetarianism at the young age of eleven. Taking the meat out of her diet was a result of a road trip she took with her dad, where they passed a slaughterhouse.

I thought it was awful, all those animal getting packed up in there waiting to be killed,’ she recalls. ‘I couldn’t believe that’s how I’d been getting my meat!

She was also keen to point out that she loves eating fast food, and it’s not due to a deep love of vegetables that she’s chosen to live meat-free. ‘My main reason for being vegetarian is that I’m an animal lover – definitely not because I love vegetables.’

In a red carpet interview with New You she gave the advice to people wanting to become vegetarian ‘Just do it! It’s hard at first, but you’ll be surprised…once you get in the groove and you find out the things that you like you end up not missing it at all.’

It’s unclear whether the 21-year-old is experimenting with vegan alternatives or whether she simply just fancied a change. However, whatever vegan ice cream it was that she tried, she certainly seemed to like it.

Image credit: Hollyscoop