This Zesty Orange Tofu Recipe Is Packed With 26 Grams of Protein

This Zesty Orange Tofu Recipe Is Packed With 26 Grams of Protein

If you’re looking for a low-fat and versatile, plant-based go-to meat substitute—tofu is it! The soy-based meat is 100 percent vegan, plus it is high in iron and protein.

For those trying to boost their protein consumption—tofu is a great choice! Unfermented tofu contains about 11 grams of protein per 100 calorie serving. In comparison, a 100 calorie serving of ground beef contains around 8.9 grams of protein.

Tofu Has Numerous Health Benefits

Tofu also has a number of health benefits! Studies show soy isoflavone, commonly found in tofu, can help reduce levels of “bad” cholesterol in the body! So, if you’re looking for a healthy, feel-good meal—this orange tofu recipe is it!

This orange tofu recipe is super simple and quick to make. The sauce features freshly squeezed orange juice and orange zest for a delicious, rich taste. Plus, other ingredients including tamari (a thick, fermented soy sauce), coconut sugar, sriracha sauce, seasoned rice vinegar, and cornstarch.

This orange tofu recipe features 26 grams of protein, and only contains 355 calories, 12 grams of fat, and 41 grams of carbs. In other words, you can enjoy it guilt-free! Serve the delicious orange tofu squares with a generous helping of rice for a hearty, filling meal!


Looking for more tofu recipes like this? Try this vegan risotto with smoky tofu and dairy-free oat cream! The recipe features chestnut mushrooms, risotto rice, garlic, and pearl barley, just to name a few.

If you’re craving dumplings, these vegan cabbage tofu dumplings should definitely be on your to-eat list! The crescent moon-shaped dumplings feature carrots, scallions, chopped cabbage, crimini mushrooms, and tofu. Just add sesame oil and salt and pepper to taste.

Similarly, for a lighter, healthier meal—try this vegan tofu poke bowl with greens and avocado. This recipe is a vegan take on the Hawaiian Poke Bowl because it traditionally includes raw fish. This vegan tofu poke bowl is oh-so-simple to make and makes for a fresh, vibrant, and light meal!

In addition, for a quick breakfast, you can also use tofu to whip up a vegan scramble! Spread this tofu scramble spread on sprouted bread with seed butter, avocado, salsa, and some greens for a breakfast (or brunch!) made in heaven.

This recipe was republished with permission from Everyday Vegan Food.