Get Your Grill On With These Bone-In Barbecue Vegan Ribs

Get Your Grill On With These Bone-In Barbecue Vegan Ribs

These bone-in jackfruit vegan ribs are grill season-approved.

In this episode of EATKINDLY With Me, Mark Thompson—also known as Sauce Stache—whips up a delicious-looking batch of vegan jackfruit barbecue ribs.

“So on Sauce Stache, I spend my time recreating meats and cheese. I make a lot of plant-based foods” Thompson explains. “I try to take the path of doing it scientifically, doing what some of the big plant-based meat creators are doing in the industry and figuring out how we can do that at home.”

Thompson’s recipe features the bone-in jackfruit ribs and a dry rub sauce. The ribs feature a can of young green jackfruit brine. “That is the jackfruit that makes things meaty,” he says. 

“Now, the vital wheat gluten is essentially what’s going to bind this all together,” he continues. “While the jackfruit is what gives it its fibrous kind of meat-like texture. The pea protein is what works in between the two.” He explains that the pea protein adds bite and bounce to the gluten to make the consistency of the recipe more similar to ribs.

To flavor the vegan ribs, he opts for mushroom seasoning. “It packs a super umami punch,” he says. He also uses onion powder, garlic powder, smoked paprika, and cumin. Thompson uses one surprising ingredient to achieve the “bone-in” look: Lemongrass stalks.

Ready to make this summer-worthy recipe yourself? Keep reading for the recipe below.

Get Your Grill On With These Bone-In Barbecue Vegan Ribs
Throw Sauce Stache’s vegan ribs on the grill. | Mark Thompson/Sauce Stache for LIVEKINDLY

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