Chipotle-Style Sofritas Taco Bowls

sofritas taco bowl

If you’re as obsessed as we are with Chipotle’s sofritas, made of perfectly-crumbled, spicily-seasoned tofu, maybe you’ve tried to dupe it at home. But what you probably haven’t done is level-up your sofritas beyond a plain tortilla up to a glorious taco bowl that wins any lunch.

That’s okay, because we’re here to teach you how. This recipe will guide you through sauteing the sofritas with a homemade chipotle chili sauce and assembling the bowl. If you have vegan sour cream on hand, adorn your beautiful bowl with its creamy goodness—but you can top this with whatever you have on hand, from avocados to seasonal veggies. When in doubt, add more tortilla chips. Happy scooping!

sofritas taco bowl
Make this tasty bowl from leftovers | Chelsey Johns

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