Doja Cat Debuts ‘Planet Her’ Inspired Makeup Line

Doja Cat with her new makeup line

Doja Cat is the latest celebrity to launch a vegan makeup line.

The three-time Grammy-nominated rapper is collaborating with Los Angeles-based BH Cosmetics, a completely vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand.

Doja Cat, whose real name is Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, is well-known for her music videos, humorous social media presence, and bold aesthetic, which includes her unique and colorful makeup—both on and off stage.

This new cosmetics collection takes inspiration from both Dlamini’s own style and that of her most recent album, Planet Her, released earlier this year.

“Everything is beautifully intertwined and connected down to every last detail,” says BH Cosmetics CEO Yannis Rodocanachi, as reported by Allure. “We created our packaging together with glamorous gold foil and psychedelic mushrooms to be consistent with what she’s putting out musically.”

Doja Cat’s first makeup line

The Doja Cat x BH Cosmetics collaboration includes Goddess eyeliner, Blooming volumizer, a Metamorphosis brush set, Flora powder blush, Prism loose powder, Muse gloss, Mirage balm, and two different sizes of eyeshadow: Mega (36 shades) and Elements (four shades).

The shadow palettes combine metallic sheens with earthy, nature-inspired colors, matching the visual vocabulary of both Dlamini and her album alongside its organic-looking packaging.

“I wanted it to feel like we’re in the wild,” says Dlamini. “It’s [all about] exploring and learning about the different tones of nature.”

‘Experimenting with makeup was a huge part of my life’

Dlamini purchased her first-ever eye rainbow shadow palette from BH Cosmetics when she was just 14 and has since mastered a monochromatic smoky eye aesthetic.

With the new collection, Dlamini hopes to make this look easier than ever for others to achieve. (Something that her fans, who frequently emulate her style, are sure to appreciate.) In general, the collection only includes products that Dlamini herself would like to use, right down to the texture, pigmentation, and consistency of each item.

“This collaboration is such a full-circle moment for me,” says Dlamini. “I grew up doodling in school and always had an artistic eye, so naturally experimenting with makeup was a huge part of my life as a teenager.”

“I want to give people a pass to experiment, be different, and have fun,” she adds.

The Doja Cat x BH Cosmetics makeup line is available now, and prices range from $9 (Mirage lip balm) up to $36 (the Mega eyeshadow collection). Check out LIVEKINDLY’s complete guide to vegan and cruelty-free cosmetic brands here.