HipDot’s ‘Clueless’ Collection Is Vegan and Totally Bringing Back the 90s

HipDot's 'Clueless' Collection Is Vegan and Totally Bringing Back the 90s

HipDot’s Clueless Collection is totally vegan—and totally Alicia Silverstone-approved. And we’re totally bugging (in a good way).

That’s right: fans of the 1990s movie, rejoice. On May 11, vegan, cruelty-free beauty brand HipDot launched a Clueless-inspired makeup collection that’s anything but generic.

The company released the limited-edition HipDot x Clueless collection ahead of the Amy Heckerling–directed movie’s 26th anniversary. And it’s bound to make any wearer look and feel like a total Betty.

If you’re an especially devoted Clueless fan who has practically memorized every line in the cult classic, crack open Cher Horowitz’s locker for a limited-edition Clueless Collectors Box. It features all of the collection’s products, including the Total Bettys Lip Oil Set, the 411 Palette, the Totally Clueless Blush Palette, and a collectible HipDot x Clueless pink fluffy pen. (It’s all, like, so 26 years ago.)

The lip oil set features three moisturizing tinted lip oils in red, nude, and mauve. The lip gloss lids pay homage to Cher’s most iconic yellow plaid outfit. The eyeshadow palette features 12 shimmery shades any Valley girl would love. And each one is named after some of the film’s most memorable phrases, from “Phat” to “Whatever!”.

Nestled inside a case that looks like a pink flip phone, the blush palette features four shades, perfect for all skin tones. The collection even includes a limited-edition Clueless pin set.

Individual products are also available on HipDot’s website and online at Ulta Beauty. Skip it? As if!


HipDot: Vegan and Cruelty-Free

The beauty brand certainly has a knack for launching one-of-a-kind collections. The company has previously released collections fashioned after Hello Kitty, Tapatío hot sauce, SpongeBob SquarePants, Reese’s, and even Peeps candy.

In March, HipDot debuted the former. The Hello Kitty Collectors Bag features the entire collection: lipgloss duo, eyeliner and mascara duo, selfie palette, and a limited-edition heart sponge.

In 2020, HipDot launched its spiciest look yet: the Tapatío hot sauce collection. The hot sauce-themed collection features a makeup sponge, two six-shade eyeshadow palettes, and a Tapatío Pepper-infused lip gloss set.

And chocolate lovers can snag HipDot’s Reese’s collection. Although the real chocolate and peanut butter treats aren’t vegan, this collection is. It features milk and white chocolate cup pigment palettes, a lip balm duo, and a double-ended brush duo to help you smudge and blend any look to perfection.

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